Headphone Treats is being rebuilt... brick by precious brick .

We apologize for harshing your mellow. We will soon rise like the fabled phoenix. Things will be different. Better. There will be music. There will be love.

But heck, you can find us all over the darn place:
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and better yet, find the bands directly here:

The Ether Family Presents... [Bandcamp] [Facebook] [MySpace] [Blog]
The Big Ragoo [Bandcamp] [Facebook] [MySpace] [Blog]
Mister Fusty [Bandcamp] [Facebook] [MySpace] [Twitter] [Blog]
Expo [Bandcamp] [MySpace] [Facebook]
The Campbell Apartment [Bandcamp] [MySpace] [Facebook]
Oldman Winter [Bandcamp] [MySpace] [Facebook]
The Nerd Parade [Bandcamp] [MySpace] [Facebook]
Cassavetes [Bandcamp] [MySpace] [Facebook] [Twitter]
Adam McIntyre [Bandcamp] [MySpace] [Twitter]

... and find our fearless leader, Jimmy Ether, here:
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